a) From where does the product?

The product prepared at our headquarters in Figueres directly, and therfore out of the Alt Empordà, from where we ship all over Europe.

b) The service is at home?

Yes, transportation is at the address indicated by the costumer, serve it at home.

c) Do I have to pay anything to the carrier?

No in any case, always traveling prepaid products.

d) If you do not receive the package should I do?

You can contact us at:

e) If i get package goods damaged or broken, what sould I do?

If the packet is in poor condition, indicate so on the receipt of transportation, and then send an email  to the damage reported:

f) How long ton send the goods purchased?

The shipment is always done business day after the order of confirmation and the correponding payment, wether the order is a Friday, the package will come the following monday, if it is a Monday the next day... The package will be delivered within 48 hours.

g) I can return the package if I am not satisfied?

Yes, as long as we communicate at email to: and adhere to the instructions indicate for Aromatum. Never send a package without consent of Aromatum.



a) How does the Mikado?

The Mikado operation is very simple, just fill the galss bottle whit liquid perfume, and put rattan sticks inside. Notice how the rods begin to smell the scent chosen. To intensify the effects , you can turn the sticks every 3 or 4 days.

b) How long does the Mikado?

The duration of the Mikado is variable depending on the site of drafts...If can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. Middle of the normal duration is 6 months.

c) I can change once the aroma when the Mikado finish?

If you always just thoroughly clean the bottle to smell again and rattan sticks new, whichwe supply to buy the replacement fluid.

d) You can buy just the glass bottle?

No. If you have broken the glass bottle, we bouht a new Mikado.

e) Ther are recharges of fluid?

If the replacement Mikado is one of best sellers , bring a bottle with 200 ml. the essence chosen, and a new pack of rattan sticks.

f) How does the Mikado small?

Like its big brother, just put the sticks into the bottle and enjoy the aroma.

g) There  are recharges of Mikado small?


h) How does the MIkado Feng Shui?

Like the Mikado normal, but the bottle is plastic and has no glass. In addition there are no parts of it, just when you have to buy another one.

i)I buy rattan sticks?

Yes, if the rattan sticks are sold and can be bought in packs of 10 pcs.


a) How does the scented sachets?

To put a scented sachet simply remove the plastic that protects it, and place it directly in the desired location, it will automatically enjoy the smell of scent chosen.

If used for wardrobe, the length is usually approximately 1 year, although eventually losing intensity, and many people change every six months.

b) scented sachet can be placed in the car?

Yes, usually under the seats, offering friendly, although the duration is very short doe to the large amount of air moviment in there cars.

c) perfumed sachets can be used in the vacuum cleaner?

Yes, if in this case on paper opens with great care, and proceeds to empty the sand containing scented bag in the vacuum cleaner.

d) How does the mini scented sachet?

Like scented sachet, but for smaller spaces.

e) How does the mini scented resins?

The mini resins are placed without prior manipulation as presented come and offer aroma from the start.

f) You can return scented the sachets and mini resins?

Yes, but do not recommend, if you wish used spray of Boles d'Olor.


a) It can be used as a perfume body?

No. under no circumstances is to spray perfume the atmosphere, wood, potpourri...

In any case , by the people.

b) How long does each sparay vaporization?

The sprays last for about 6 hours each, where you can enjoy  the scent chosen.

c) stain clothing?

You can not vaporize directly on clothes, always firendly.

d) can be used to perfum wood, potpourri,...?

Yes, specially wood and potpourri.


a) What length are your candles?

The duration of each candle is indicated in the description, you'll notice that varies between a range of hours, they always depend on the conditions of where the candle is burned, in air flow over the candle is consumed faster.

b) What is a tart?

A tart is a small round base wax, designed for use in burner wick no door, and undoes the effect of a tea light burning in the burner, giving off and excellent aroma.

c) What is a votive?

A votive candle is a small one, to be provided with a base or cup, which is ideal to try different flavors.

d) What is a tea light?

Tea light is a smaller candle, with a plastic holder, which is user in burners or small tea-light supports.

e) How are the jar candles?

Glass jars are filled with scented wax, in three differents sizes, tipical of the Yankee Candle brand, long term, and do not need any more media types.

f) I leave burning candles and leave?

No. In any case, can not leave lighted candles, make sure to turn  off all when we go to bed or leave.

g) The candle smoke too, I can do?

Cut the wick, because if is too long the candle smoke.

f) I fill the jars with wax?




A) Credit cards not accept me, I can do?

Aromatum works only with secure enabled credit cards, payment cards is managed by our financial institution if it does not accept the payment, you can choose to pay by bank transfer to the account indicated on our website.

We can ask your bank to check the status of your card and try again.

b) I think I paid twice?

In this case, and confirmed two payment not suffer indicate this to Aromatum: by e-mail, and so we see what happened, if you are right will discard duplicate payment.

c) I'm not sure whether or not payment has been made?

Aromatum always sends a confirmation message to the costumer once paymentis complete and firm, then proceed to the shipment of the goods purchased.

d) I would like to pay with another payment system. I can do it?

Aromatum currently only accepts payment by credit card, or transfer, in any case can make your request to

e) I made a mistake and would like to cancel the purchase or modify it?

In this case, please send us an e-mail indicating you need, and proceed to find the best solution possible.

f) Accesing Bank pasarela lose the connection and I can not pay?

Please try again later.

g) When I select credit card payment page appears to pay the bank?

Check the settings on your computer, your browser and your antivirus may not allow the popup or freezes that page and tray again after a while.

3.2 EFT

a) I paid for transfer and have not received the purchase?

Thnik that once you make the transfer, this might take a few days to reach our bank, once it receives the transfer Aromatum proceed to process the shippment of goods.

b) Try to make the transfer and my Bank will not let me?

Check that the 20 digits c/c of Aromatum are corrects, and the name and address, try again.

c) I made a mistake in the amount of transfer, that I do?

Don't worry, communicate by e-mail to:, chek what happened and give you the best solution possible.