"If you are not satisfied we will refund your money"


Returns and Warranty

Aromatum looking for total satisfaction of its clients , for us the costumer is not king, is the emperor.

So our return policy and warranty is summarized in this sentence:

"if you are not satisfied we will refund your money"


In the maximum term of 7 days, the costumer can decide to return the googd purchased, prior notification by mail of this fact, and following the return instructions given by Aromatum. Once we receive the returned merchandise and checked their condition, we will refund your money using the same means with which teh payment was made. This operation will make no additional charge transport by the costumer under any circumstances, provideded they have followed the instructions to Aromatum.

In any case , and always if the costumer wants they can change the goods for another goods of equal or greater amount, in which case this operation will make no additional charge.


Warranty provided by  manufacturer of the product for 2 years against any factory defaults.

Total satisfaction warranty given by Aromatum, we want the costumer satisfied, and seek the best choice for every situation, always with prior notification by mail, and with our instructions.